Before I started the process of planning my wedding, I knew I had to hire a wedding planner to help me to plan my wedding since it was going to be a huge wedding. My now husband and I interviewed a few wedding planners, and we loved Melanie as she made us feel comfortable and calm about the wedding. When she found out about the number of guests for my wedding, she had a surprised look on her face, but immediately said, "That will be a big wedding, but no problem! I will do everything to make your wedding the best day ever for you both."

Melanie had been there for me through thick and thin as she guided me through the stressful wedding plans. I truly admire her creative work with weddings, and I felt so blessed and grateful to have her as my wedding planner. I highly recommend Melanie to be your wedding planner as she will certainly make all of your wedding dreams to come true! :)

-Amy C, Bride  


Working with Melanie at Kimberly Rose Events is a dream. She is friendly, attentive and has innovative ideas to make your day fit your personality as a couple. Melanie’s positive attitude and confidence are a necessity with wedding planning, when a couple can feel overwhelmed. Having Melanie on board relieved so much stress! She has built a wonderful network of professionals that she works with and her recommendations for vendors are tailored to the bride/groom’s needs. Her events are flawless, thoughtful and special. I would highly recommend Melanie and Kimberly Rose Events.

-Rachael J, Bride  


Melanie gave me a wedding that was beyond anything I could have dreamed of myself. My parents, who footed the bill for my wedding, were completely blown away. Words cannot express how perfect our wedding day was, and it definitely could not have been that way without Kimberly Rose Events. From day one when we met for coffee to go over initial details to the day of the wedding, Melanie brings an air of ease and peace to wedding planning. She is extremely organized, professional, and stylish. Thank you so much for everything!

-Taylor S, Bride  


Melanie with Kimberly Rose Events was seriously the sweetest and most helpful! I can't believe I tried to do my wedding without a day of coordinator initially. She went above and beyond most day-of packages. She started taking the load off of me from the moment I hired her. She took over vendor contracts and organization, made sure everyone was on the same page, smoothed out any kinks that tried to come up. We had the best time at our wedding, totally carefree and fun! Melanie was a big part of why everything worked out so well!

-Sydney K, Bride  


My wedding has that disaster story that everyone uses for the “It could be worse” scenario. I had a traditional Pakistani wedding with 3 events in one weekend, two events were to be outdoors on the same day, and Melanie was the day of coordinator for these two events. Due to extreme weather we had to find a new indoor venue with only 3 days until the event.

To say Melanie was AMAZING is an understatement, even with the all caps! She found me a beautiful venue last minute to rent for both events. She went above and beyond the duties of a day of coordinator and helped wherever it was needed. Melanie was respectful of so many of our traditions, wishes and requests. She executed both events beautifully and didn’t let me know of any last minute problems and solved every issue that came up.

In your wedding you need someone on your side whose intentions align with the true essence of a wedding – the love between the couple and the beginning of a new family. Someone who sees your wedding as more than a business transaction. Melanie was genuinely on my side, she was like an older sister who looked out for me when other vendors took advantage of my unfortunate situation and tried to triple charge me. Additionally, Melanie maintained that it was our wedding not an advertising opportunity to be capitalized on.

Melanie is professional and knows how to establish and maintain relationships. She, even months after my wedding, keeps in touch and I love hearing from her and seeing the amazing things she’s up to. Everyone who dealt with her spoke highly of her professionalism and genuine warmth. I highly recommend Melanie, Kimberly Rose Events, and intend to use KRE in the future!

-Fazia Q, Bride  


Melanie was amazing!!! I had done most of my planning by the time I came to her, and needed help bringing it all together the day of. Melanie worked with me the month of our wedding to finalize timelines, confirm vendors, run rehearsal, and of course bring it all together the day of the event. We could not be happier with the job she did in helping us create a timeline that we felt good about, and seeing how she turned my vision into a reality to make our ceremony and rehearsal pure perfection! Melanie was super friendly and easy to work with. She listened to what I was envisioning, and really made sure that our wedding day was beautiful and perfect! She made sure that anything we could have needed that night was taken care of before we even realized we needed something. She was super organized and I was not worried about a single thing the whole day & night. I highly recommend her!

-Marissa G, Bride  


Some of my friends, very generously, gave me Melanie and her day of coordination services as a wedding gift. Melanie went above and beyond my expectations for a day of coordinator.

My wedding was at my house, so having Melanie's professional opinion/help with everything was very important to me. She was in contact with me for months leading up to the wedding to make sure we were on the same page. She offered to do multiple walk throughs, she managed all of the vendors on wedding day, and she and her team set up ALL of the decorations. The day before the wedding, she ran the ceremony rehearsal and stayed long after all the wedding guests left the wedding tidying and organizing everything.

Melanie was positive, professional, and hard working. Even though she stayed busy wedding day, she did everything with a smile on her face. Without Melanie, I would have been the one doing all the set up on wedding day, instead, I got to relax with my family and bridesmaids. I never dreamed my wedding day could run so smoothly and I don't doubt for a moment that the day was so perfect because of Melanie and KRE!

-Jaimie H, Bride  


Melanie and her team at Kimberly Rose Events were the best team of vendors we worked with for our September 2014 wedding, hands down.

Melanie is bubbly, cheerful, and a joy to be around. She makes the wedding planning process fun and stress-free throughout, because she's passionate about creating memorable events that are not only better than what you'd imagined, but that also go off without a hitch.

Melanie and her team went above and beyond over the course of the 8 months that we worked together. From the time that we first met, through the wedding day and even the weeks following, she was willing to do anything we asked. She set appointments with vendors, gave us ideas and input on everything from flowers and decor to rehearsal dinner locations to day of timeline. She never said something was out of the question and was a great sounding board when things got frustrating or worrisome.

I was impressed with Kimberly Rose Events throughout the planning process, but even more so on our wedding day. After getting dressed, I found that my garter had stretched and was too big; they somehow found a glue gun and tightened it up for me so that it wouldn't fall off. Twenty minutes before our outdoor ceremony was set to begin, the skies opened and it began to pour rain; they immediately put our backup plans into motion and started setting up in the basement. Thirty minutes after that when the skies cleared and the sun came out, they then un-did all the basement setup and moved everything back outside again! They didn't complain, they didn't argue; they just went with the flow of the day and kept everything right on track. We know Melanie and Ashlee probably did so much behind the scenes day of we probably aren't even aware of, too.

Our day was so fun and laid back, and we have Melanie to thank for that. We would absolutely, positively recommend Kimberly Rose Events to other couples getting married, or planning any big event. You'll be so happy you did!

-Ariana G, Bride  


Melanie and Ashlee of Kimberly Rose Events were crucial to every part of my wedding and made the whole day truly extraordinary. When I first met with Melanie, she informed me that she had never before planned a wedding of my size (300 invited 220 in attendance). I nevertheless took a chance on her because she was by far the most professional, kind, and committed person I had met with. (I met with 4 other Boulder/Denver wedding planners in total.) That decision paid off ten-fold. Although I only hired them as day-of planners, Melanie and Ashlee were extremely devoted and helpful to me throughout the entire six month pre-wedding planning process. They were always organized and thoughtful and far exceeded my expectations in every regard. Their creativity was truly impressive, but they always put what I wanted first. On the day of the wedding, everything was flawless, and it seemed like they had been doing this for 20 years. I give them my highest recommendations and cannot thank them enough. I truly had the wedding of my dreams.

-Eve B, Bride  


When I walked into my baby shower I cried (tears of joy!). It was so beautiful and full of personal detail, I was overwhelmed. Melanie at Kimberly Rose Events did a phenomenal job creating the perfect party. The food, activities, and décor were so well done. I love that there was nothing generic about it; my shower was truly made just for me. And it was magical. Not everyone can pull that off!

I highly recommend Kimberly Rose Events and would tell all my friends and family to use their services for any and all events. As someone with a lot of experience catering weddings and parties, I have never been so impressed with the special touches that went into my baby shower. Throwing a quality party takes a lot of work and creativity. Melanie seems to do it with extraordinary ease and professionalism. Now I have the sweetest memories from this exciting time in my life and I'm forever grateful.

-Amy L, Mom-to-be  


Melanie and Ashlee from Kimberly Rose Events were a true joy to work with. They help relieve the stress in every part of the wedding day by being completely organized, and tentative to the bride/grooms needs, along with the vendors’ needs. Melanie handles weddings with grace, professionalism, and a personality that glows. It was a privilege to photograph a wedding they were involved with. Thank you for being everything a photographer could want or need out of a wedding planner.

-Sheena W, Owner/Photographer, Black Box Photo Studio  


Letting go of the reigns has never been my strong suit but Melanie with Kimberly Rose events put my mind at ease and completely blew me away with her vision and the results of her creativity. She planned, prepared and orchestrated a private birthday party for me, and also helped me host a private event at my home this past year. From brainstorming together, all the way to the day of the event, Melanie had both events completely handled. All I had to do was give her my (very jumbled) ideas and answer some questions, and she cranked out two of the best parties I've ever hosted! Thank you KRE and Melanie for taking the stress out of planning my events and being my number one "go-to" company. Highly recommended for any event you may have big or small!

-Ginger S, Party Host  


Melanie, I can't thank you enough for all the thought and consideration you put into our engagement party. This event was more than I could have hoped for because you took the time to add a number of personal touches for Paul and me. You tastefully brought together our favorite food and drink and the presentation was beautiful. Everything was so charming! I appreciate your enthusiasm for the event down to the smallest detail. Your hospitality made my family feel welcome right as they walked in the door. What a wonderful and memorable night you orchestrated for both our families! Paul and I felt so well cared for! Thank you for helping us kick off the happiest wedding season yet!

-Caitlin D, Bride  


What a breath of fresh air! Melanie and her team are so full of life, you can't help but pick up on their enthusiasm for their clients. Melanie was super prompt on communications between her clients and us, making the process feel more like you are working with a friend rather than a vendor. We look forward to working with her whenever she calls!

-Shannon C, Lead Designer and Event Coordinator, Mainstreet Flower  


Working with Melanie and Ashley at Kimberly Rose Events is an easy decision! They are fantastic to work with. They are fantastic communicators and always strive to make people 150% happy (which if you know them is always true!). They truly are a great team and will ensure that your event is perfectly planned and all with a smile on their face. It is truly a pleasure being around each of them in any capacity and I highly recommend their services.

-Jenny M, Owner/Photographer, JMPhotoART  


We couldn't be happier with the outcome of our Grand Opening event which was planned by the talented Melanie Jannicelli of Kimberly Rose Events! From the pre-planning to the nitty gritty details, Melanie was organized, efficient and incredibly creative! She really put in the extra effort to ensure our event went off without a hitch! Melanie was great at listening to what we had envisioned and then went to work to plan, organize and create with minimal direction or oversight from us. During the event Melanie expertly worked with all vendors and kept the flow of the event so that we didn't have to worry about those details. We will definitely be using Kimberly Rose for all our events! A very sincere thank you Melanie!

-Kelly H, Co-Owner, Ella Bliss Beauty Bar  


We lost our vet clinic in the Black Forest Fire. Reopening the clinic following the fire was an emotional decision for us, but one we knew we had to make. On the day of the event, Ashley and Melanie were on-site to help us set up, prepare us for the media, greet our guests, and clean up afterward. Throughout our reopening party, both of them helped refresh our free giveaway items, aid the caterer as necessary, and even take photos. With the need to converse with the many hundred clients in attendance throughout the afternoon, we depended upon Ashley and Melanie to tend to all the little details that made the event a huge success.

-Sue M, Black Forest Veterinary Clinic  


When I walked into my bridal shower I was shocked. EVERYTHING was amazing; colors, flowers, parasols, the whole kit-n-caboodle. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put in to make my day even more special.

-Shandia S, Bride  


Melanie at Kimberly Rose is a visionary! Her innovative design ideas and creative budget solutions completely took the stress out of planning my girlfriend’s wedding shower. Melanie took the time to get to know the bride’s likes, dislikes, and preferences and she delivered an enchanting atmosphere with stunning centerpieces and unique shower favors that the guests raved about! Melanie is professional, easy-going, and a joy to work with. If you are looking for a design aesthetic that is fresh and original, call Melanie at Kimberly Rose!

-Ashlee J, Bridesmaid  


Working with Melanie and her team was an absolute pleasure. She is knowledgeable, organized and very friendly. I highly recommend Kimberly Rose Events. I hope we can work together again very soon!

-Travis L, That 80s Band  

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